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Being a former Military operations guy we use long term, near term and short term planning. Well I am doing long term planning to fly from ABQ to LHR, Delta has deleted flights and not added any new ones, they have done this not once but 4 times, I know that being a Delta Platinum Credit card holder doesn't mean anything and especially when you use your hard earned miles to book flights, been on the phone now over 7 hours off and on trying to find the best flight with the seats that are accessible for my wife as she has mobility issues, I have had to locate the flights the agent was sending me all over the country, they are not user friendly. Spoke with a supervisor couldn't understand her name she was clueless. We have two trips scheduled with delta in 2019, after that we are finding another airline, don't know if there is one better I will at least try.
Delta just found a better and more profitable use for that aircraft and dropping or trimming money loosing flights is something all airlines do. you may not like it, but that is the case. Now the aircraft that may be brought in to operate the only other flight(s) from ABQ maybe operated by a regional feed airline like SkyWest or Republic, and they may have seating configurations that may be changing all the time based on which airline will be operating that aircraft, and equipment swaps can lead to other issues.