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A- BAG Claim: In spite of my demand in (Yangon) Airport for putting (FRAGILE) Sign in my bag & mentioned (1 Wheel Broken). I found it in (Cairo) Airport with totally destroying of (DRAWER) plus another Minor Defeats (Strange)! Ö And, Emirates STAFF refuse to come & meet to make a Claim! & Told me send an e-mail because it had a previous default Ö Until going to Tourism (Police) Point to approve the Case & Damage: (Under the MEMO #14 Status Ė Cairo AirPort - Terminal 2 Ė 12:00 Ė Wed. 14/03/2108) who call them to meet & Refused to come also? Ö
It is clear: There are Instructions from (Bad) Top Management. Of course, the Workers (Who move Bags) listen about that so can complete destroying the bags as they wish Ö
I am not comfortable to use it again because all damages occuar in a strange way & before 3 days only from comeback Ö But, I went to my Fixation Store (Beside my home) & told me: it will be expensive to repair. The better is buying a new one.\ Ö
I made a Claim & They /Emirates Airlines want a Receipt /Invoice to Cover /Pay?
COCLUSION: If I was repaired the Drawer of the bag plus some minors defeats =(100 +50 EGP) And, 5 Wasting Hours * 50 EGP [In the Airport Claim office + In Police Point? + Writing Complains & E-Mails (Including this) + In the Market (as a %) to buy another!] => 400 EGPÖ I demand.
1- Of course, They know v. well: There is no Official Agent for the bag & the (Small) Repair Store donít make a Receipt Ö And originally, I told him: I will not repair & give /donate the bag to use as a safe box bag.
2- I donít have a Receipt /Invoice: For WASTING my Time.
3- I donít have a Receipt /Invoice: For donít RESPECT me /Passengers.
B- RESERVATION Policy: I canít make a Reservation for this (Multi-Cities) Trip Ö Before, I could /made & also can obtain a (good) Matrix for different Prices along 7*7 days to choose the Lowest Price (Now even for, Round Trip is difficult?) Ö
I think, this New (Bad) POLICY, to push me /Travellers to use the Hot Line to collect the (SERVICE Fee) Ö The phone operator is good But, canít & donít make a wide search So, You must prepare /know (before): The Departure /Arrival Times for the Best Prices instead of suggested higher prices?
COCLUSION: I want to Restore my Paid (SERVICE) Fee: I canít remember exactly the Amount (about 200 EGP) Ö My opinion is: It was Paid by a Force Way Ö The Proof is: All my previous Reservations (with the same Airline) using (Web) Site.
NOTICE: By the way, I noticed that: this Phenomenon is spreading among the different AirLines that are working in my Country?
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