Complaint: Baggage Problem Unacceptable
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Default Overblown or maybe a theme?

Perhaps overblown is a good term and I understand the catharsis aspect. One thing I don't fond overblown and is a compete injustice is the predatory tactics used by AA to charge $200 for a "change fee" and smile while doing it. As though they are happy to hold you hostage. Not only that but with a smiling face charge DOUBLE the fare on a flight that is not anywhere near full. I call for immediate action on all airlines practices of GOUGING the public with these practices.

How are we supposed to feel anything but abused by them? I fear that if this is what is happening on the surface of the company I can't imagine how they are cutting corners and abusing the employees and equipment to extract maximum profit. No thanks. Id rather feel safe and pay a little more for a company that values the customers safety and satisfaction.