Complaint: Check-in / Boarding Customer Service IS HORRIBLE
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Angry Customer Service IS HORRIBLE

The worst airline experience I have ever had! There was a snow storm which backed traffic up for over an hour. I arrived at the airport at 6:15pm for a flight time of 6:50pm and the ticket agent would not allow me to check my luggage or print my boarding pass saying that he could not process anything as the airplane was trying to leave 10 minutes early because of the storm. The customer service is terrible. Does Alaska Airlines not understand that they are flying human beings? Where is the human compassion? The gate agent should have ensured that everyone boarded the plane. There were six people waiting at the ticket gate to board the plane due to the weather and the flight did not even take off until 7:15. So at least the 6 people that were standing by me had to miss their flight because a ticket agent refused to do their job and accomodate people when they had arrived more than 30 minutes prior to flight departure. Truly unbelievable that the employees do not care that customers missed their flights and didn't even try to be accomodating. Because of that I was 3 hours late for one of the most important meetings I will ever have. Completley disgusted by the lack of customer service provided.