Complaint: Customer Service $4700 charge to get on next flight
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Old Sep 23, 2009, 7:24 AM
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Maybe the AA rep you got used to work for Delta, where this type of scam is routine.

The truth is, they are more and more out to screw their customers. I hope you win the battle, but the only real "win" you may end up with is giving them the bad publicity they deserve.

The airlines appear to have decided that their primary means of earning money is no longer flying people from A to B. Instead, they advertise a stripped down cost for the actual flight and then seek to make their money on extortionate "add ons" and ridiculous "penalties". The add ons are becoming increasingly ridiculous that they are hard to parody.

The penalties, in which very large sums of money are extorted out of people often in highly stressful circumstances, are what happens when companies which are answerable to no-one have such unbridled power.

Sooner or later we just have to hope that consumers in the US will wake up and smell the coffee... and demand that someone regulate this market. It is out of control.