Complaint: Customer Service $4700 charge to get on next flight
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Old Sep 24, 2009, 5:57 AM
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Don't offer up scenarios Jim, puppies bleed when you did that. Heh. Hey let me play this game too: Family oversleeps, waking up well past the time needed to check in, by the time they actually call the airline to salvage what they can of a missed flight, they're ticket type has already auto-canceled, losing all value. The reservation's agent rather than reinstating the ticket she charges them for new tickets. Thinking they were the only game in town, they fork over 4700, only to find out when they arrive at the airport they could have gotten a better deal by just rebooking and paying a chg fee.

That wasn't fun and also dumb to create scenarios based on your perceptions, but hey what do I know, I'm having a nightcap.

What it all comes down to is, where was the husband when he called AA, was he on the road or was he at home? But the fact remains he was not FORCED to pay 4700 dollars, he could have weighed in other options before going that route, even if he did not go to the counter. That's a lot of money to just decide to hand over without first thinking things over. I do hope they're able to salvage some or all of that money back, I would definitely persue it further.