Complaint: Customer Service $4700 charge to get on next flight
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My son (adult) and I were travelling in 2007 from Chicago to New York on United Airlines and arrived at the check in counter about 20 minutes before the flight left. We could see on a monitor that the flight was said to be on time so I knew we were too late to get on that flight but also knew that there were about 3 flights later in the day on the same route on United. We still joined the check-in line and while waiting I phoned United's 800 reservations number to ask about getting on another flight. The flight had not yet left. She was going to charge me a $100 penalty for each of us to change our flight. I didn't accept it but waited our turn and got the the counter. The agent said it was too late to get on our flight but she could put us standby on the next flight. We went to the gate and found we were able to get on the next flight. No charge. So even if you're late, still go to the counter and see what they can do for you. At the counter you can give a sob story how your bus to the airport was late and the agent does not readily charge you as it seems the agents answering the telephone at the reservations centre do. I the case of Washington Family, if the money paid was correct for the trip they took and the length of their delay before they rebooked, I hardly think they have a remedy, except appealing to a kindhearted supervisor to refund some of the money.

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