Complaint: Customer Service $4700 charge to get on next flight
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The standby rules for American were: I am not sure if it is still the same.
If a passenger missed, as in arriving to the gate after the flight is closed out, then standby is not allowed.
If the passenger missed, as in making it to the gate too late but before the flight is closed out, then standy may be allowed if the following flight has certain fares available. Some require a $50 fee while the others do not. It depends on what is available. A complex formula that is hard to explain to a distressed unhappy person.

One can call the reservation center for other remedies but only airport employees are allowed to work with the stand by listings. Since they are the ones at the gate..kinda makes since to me. At least that part of it does. I can't imagine the chaos at the gates if reservation agents were allowed to do things with the gate agents' boarding lists over their toes.