Complaint: Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked American Airlines stole our honeymoon!
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Default American Airlines stole our honeymoon!

As our 5th anniversary approaches, my anger has not lessened. I won't stop shouting out about this until I die or get my money or my trip back! I saved my miles and then bought more to pay for the rest of our tickets to Bali with a stopover in Hong Kong. Yes, it would have been the trip of a lifetime. The weekend before we were leaving, the bombing targeting Westerners happened in Bali. A friend working for the Secret Service advised us to postpone our trip, so we did (also after asking American). I sent the tickets back to American as requested and was told that they never got them. By then, it was past their time frame and they said, "too bad. You get NO refund and NO trip." I wrote letters and complained to everyone I could think of to no avail. Not only was I crushed to miss our delayed honeymoon, but American Airlines actually STOLE about $1000 from me in the points I had to buy. I am STILL furious about this but don't know where else to turn. This is something they could have easily taken care of. I won't give up...!!!