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cortney.....i think that the newer airbus's are much nicer than their older models (like the a340) for example the a380 is much much nicer and i believe it is much better and higher than the 747 and the new 777's i also find that boeings seem to feel much older and out of date even when they first come into service (like a of the line aircraft)

also if it was a new a330 that they traveled on than it is probably cathay pacific who paid the extra for the new "next generation" of seating, they put them into the newer aircraft first and over time they put it into the older/already in service the boeings in their fleet may also get those seats

i know that cathay was going to be using the new seats as i was reading it on a flight the other week and i hear that you either love the seat or you hate has its advantages and its disadvantages