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The A330 was developed to replace aging 767 and DC10's and is considerably more spacious and comfortable than the aircraft they were designed to replace. The Airbus's tend to have wider fuselage and interior cabin width than their Boeing equivalent, and in some cases can have wider seats and more space. For example, the interior cabin of an A330 is 2ft wider than the 767, and even the A320 is 7inches wider than the 737.

On the two aisle planes, I much prefer the 2-4-2 format on Airbus A330for example, which means that you are never more than one seat away from the aisle, compared to the Boeing 777 which uses a 3-3-3 format. This means those seated in the window seat are two seats away from the aisle.

In terms of seat comfort, it depends on the fit out of the airline. The seats are specified by the airline not the manufacturer.