Complaint: Customer Service $4700 charge to get on next flight
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Originally Posted by azstar View Post
Some airlines have a "two hour rule". AA might be one of them. If you show up at the airport within two hours of your original flight you can go stand-by on the next flight for free. Frontier has that option or they will also confirm you a seat on the next available, same day flight for $50.00-100.00 (depending on your fare).
I am now leaving the airline industry, for a new job, but still have another week to have to put up with the airline industry, before my last day. The airline I work for, for at least another week, does have a "two hour rule", which basically states that if you show up at the airport within two hours after your flight, we will rebook you for free on the next available flight, if your class of service is still available. If it is not, then we will place you on standby for the next available flight, again, for free. If you show up after those two hours, you will have to essentially buy a new ticket, depending on the type of fare rules that applied to your ticket. Most people buy the cheaper tickets, through websites like Orbitz, etc., and thus they have a "no value after departure" clause. Essentially if you show up over two hours after your flight, you will have to buy another ticket, or at least pay the change fee, and difference in fare, toward another ticket.