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Originally Posted by The_Judge View Post
When was the last time you flew them? Theyve been charging for everything for over 3 years. Checking luggage, anything to drink, bigger seats......everything you named. This is the epitome of the low-cost carrier. The tickets may be cheaper but they'll try to make it back by charging people for whatever they can.
I guess it's been quite a while since I have been lucky enough to go on a plane. I realize that times have changed and with the cost of a cheaper ticket comes less frill. However, my sister flew Delta, paid a little bit more and was very pleased with her seat, a drink and a snack. I guess I will be flying Delta from now on, now that I know. Please don't misunderstand me, I just wasn't ready for all of the changes at once...especially since the fare wasn't that great of a bargain. Thanks for your response though. I did read up on the luggage and do understand why this is important. My gripe is with the cleanliness, seat charge, attitude and charge for water. Again, thanks for your response.