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Default Further on Jim's comments

The OP should definitely pursue a small claims (court) case for the purpose of recovering out of pocket expenses, such as the rental car. It's important to have the paid copy of the rental contract and any other documentation relevant to what the out of pocket expenses were. A "demand letter" should be sent to the address Delta maintains in the State of Oklahoma for the service of legal process. Such an address would NOT be an airport, but is usually the office of a para legal service that exists solely for the purposes of receiving court summonses, demand letters, and other legal process. The demand letter should itemize the out of pocket expenses; demand payment, and state a complaint in small claims court will be filed if a check (from Delta) is not received with 30 days.

As Jim said, Delta tries to "settle" small claims court actions with worthless vouchers. Some of these vouchers require payment of additional money and may include blackout periods. Besides, you're giving Delta another chance to screw you over again!

The OP's comments about Delta using the DFW police to eject this family from the airport confirms my belief that some airport police agencies are all too willing to act as an airline's goon squad when customer service issues arise.

To "Judge:" With regard to the car rental at DFW---Assuming a Delta staff member with authority was available, could Delta have issued a Miscellaneous Charges Order ("MCO") to pay for the rental car and, if needed, a motel room? Or, are MCOs a relic of the past?
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