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Cool What Can Spirit do to Improve?

Start at the top - put a CEO in charge who actually believes customers warrant good to excellent customer service. From what I have read about the CEO, his negative attitude is pretty much reflected in the attitude of his employees.

Of course, in all fairness to the employees, if they have to listen to customers complain as much and as often as I suspect they do, given the poor quality of product and services provided by Spirit - I suppose I would be cranky, too.

I realize they are a discount carrier, but they seem to use that label as an excuse to provide absolutely zero customer service and to treat customers who dare to complain or request assistance with disdain.

I have read several Airline supports who suggest that since Spirit is a discount carrier, any complaint about service goes out the window. You know, "What do you expect, you purchased cheap tickets from a discount carrier?!"

Regardless of the cost or the type of service or products being offered, the price should have nothing to do with delivery of those products and/or services.

If a company cannot provide the services as advertised, who's fault is that? The customer?!

I bet all those supporters would just shrug their shoulders and go on their merry way without a peep, if they paid "in advance" to have their car worked on. After a day at the shop, when they return to pick their car, the mechanic pushes their car out the bay door, hands them their money, and says, can't get to it today. Try the garage down the street - oh, and you need to get that car off my property. Then turns and goes in his garage without further comment or help.

I'm sure they would simply say, "Ah, shucks," and call a tow truck without uttering a single complaint.