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Default Claims

I filed claims at the local baggage handling in Libreville for the missing and/ or dammaged bagage. (Independant handling company)
I filed a claim at the local RAM rep agency in Libreville and wrote a hundred times to their claims department in Morocco ( see their website).
I also had my company's travel agents to file a claim.

This last one was able to offer us a stay in the business lounge in Brussels on departure on my last flight last year, but was able to mention me their generous offer only after I had passed the lounge and flew all the way to Casablanca ( in Casablanca of course no one was aware of the compensation)...

In the agency in Libreville (I had to travel by regional plane for this claim) they were able to offer me (after various atempts / meetings / ...) in compensation of my lost luggage a generous discount of 450€ voucher, to use on my next trip.
Not only is this not covering the price of the empty suitcase it is useless as my tickets are paid by my employers while the lost luggage and its content is mine...

Anyway, just another sad story on this website...thank you RAM...

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