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Angry Jetblue overbooks flights and lies about it

I am horribly disappointed in my favorite airline and will never be flying Jetblue again. I booked and paid for my round trip ticket three weeks in advance using travelocity. The first half of my trip went perfectly, although when I checked in online the night before my return flight and downloaded my E-ticket, the seat number was missing.

Upon calling customer service I was told by two representatives and their supervisor that "Jetblue guarantees that they do not overbook flights."

They then continued to tell me that the reason I did not have a seat number on my ticket was because all of the seats had been booked.

I was told by the supervisor that I would "probably" be assigned a seat when I spoke to the people at the ticket counter in the airport because there are always a few passengers who cancel their trips. Yeah, I was pretty confused, and pretty upset because I had to get to work two hours after the plane landed and no one would be able to cover my shift.

I confronted customer service with the fact that that was the literal definition of overbooking, to which the supervisor responded, "Yes, I understand that." She then told me that I could purchase a $30 upgrade and I would be guaranteed a seat. Desperate to keep my job and not be stuck on standby I agreed and she continued to ask me "If I was sure?" and that "This is still my choice."
No, it defiantly wasn't. Whats the point of making a reservation if it doesn't reserve anything? I am familiar with the fact that airlines overbook and bait and switch passengers all the time and that is why I chose to fly with Jetblue so often.

The statement "Jetblue does not overbook its flights" is a marketing gimmick and a lie. So yeah, Ill never be flying with Jetblue again, they lost a loyal customer.