Complaint: Reservations DO NOT USE AMERICAN AIRLINES!!!!
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Default this is not a credit card problem

I just had the same experience. I found a ticket at a good price, started the online booking process and put credit card information in. But before I was finished, an applet window popped up and said the price had to be changed because of "change in availability." As the price was a full $135 more than the original quoted price, I decided to press cancel. I was booking with two friends going to the same destination, they on one computer and I on another. We were mad about the fact that the price had changed, but it was also just too much. So we pressed the nice cancel button in the applet/window...and the new screen said thank you for your purchase!!

To put it clearly, we were quoted a price and decided to purchase the tickets at the displayed price. In the time it took to input the traveler and credit card information, American Airlines and its website changed the price substantially and left us no option to decline.

I suspected this was not internet "browser error" and it was all but confirmed by the representative I spoke to at AA. Pennie at the Dallas, TX call center said by putting credit card information into the fields of the web page, you agree to buy whatever the final price they give you is. I suggested that there is problem with their software and she said their software is legally approved. Then I suggested that she was particularly well-versed in how to deny wrong doing in this situation, and she replied roughly "I only work here and don't endorse the policies of the company. My job is only to explain them." At no point was there an effort on her part to rectify the situation or even to calm my nerves; nothing but to say that what happened is fully legal!

I doubt the legality of what happened, but I am also not able to afford the legal recourse to undo it. I just will keep telling this story and telling others not to use AA. However, if they ask for federal funds to stay afloat, I will adamantly lobby against it because they are certainly not doing the average American taxpayer a service.