Complaint: Reservations DO NOT USE AMERICAN AIRLINES!!!!
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Old Dec 22, 2008, 10:31 PM
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I just booked my flight tickets on AA for my last trip to Houston, this is my experience:
December 13th, in the late evening, I tried to book the reservation, but I needed to talk on the phone with my friend, then after I finished all steps, and hit the submit button, it said the process failed because the session has been too long time, then i DID another reservation very quick, but I could not find the right schedule anymore, I thought might because the date was 14th, Dec, very earling in the morning, So I quited very quickly, even did not go through the last step to confirm, did not hit the damn submit yet, I thought I did not book any AA's reservation, I went to sleep, in the early morning 14th, Dec, I checked my Email, I found two different confirmations of reservation lied in my Email address, then I checked my Credit card, they charged two times, then I called AA agent, cancled one, then today, I checked my credit card, I found they charged 16.50 dollars for my cancelation fee. Rediculous!!!!!!!!!!!
Stupid website, and stupid policy, never go with AA anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!