Complaint: Reservations DO NOT USE AMERICAN AIRLINES!!!!
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I went to buy a ticket from American Airlines website, I put all my payment information in and when I hit the complete button a box came up saying the price for this ticket has gone up do you still want to purchase? I said no and closed the window. I then went to and bought the same tickets for the cheaper price. The next day I look at my account and American Airlines charged me for the tickets that I DID NOT buy. I called them and they said they would refund the money but it could take up to two months, and they also told me that I DID purchase those tickets! When I know I didnt, and my husband was sitting right next to me and saw that I did NOT buy them. In the mean time I still havent gotten my money back and I got charged $175 in fees from my bank because my account went overdrawn, and the bank wont give me the money back because its not their fault. I would not recommend American Airlines to anyone!!!!! They are terrible and they are rude, and when I asked to speak to someone else to get this fixed they said I had to email them! And guess what, I havent gotten a response yet! Big surprise! I always used United Airlines in the past and now I know why. I would rather pay more money and use a different airline than ever do any type of business with American Airlines again. :evil: