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I am afraid Easyjet may have a way out of this. European airlines do not have to offer compensation if flights are cancelled or delayed due to "extraordinary circumstances". The regulations which apply are at this link:

The problem with these regulations is that airlines have a very liberal interpretation of what constitutes 'extraordinary circumstances'. However, there have been a few cases which have suggested that weather related delays are not automatically extraordinary, but rather the airline should have plans in place to address the situation. If you can establish this, you will be entitled to compensation and your money back. I would start by writing a recorded delivery letter to Easyjet at their Head Office in Luton (Easyland, Luton, Beds). You can also complain on their website, although you do often get "stock" responses via this source. In your letter, evidence your claim. Cite the BA flights which continued and state specifically that you do not feel that the fog represented "extraordinary" circumstances. Low cost airlines often cancel a flight if the delay will be too big not for "weather" reasons but for operational convenience. Under these circumstances they are obligated to pay compensation under the EU rules, and reimburse you food and hotel costs, etc. You should go to small claims court if you don't get a response. They often lose there, and you have a reasonable chance of winning if you can establish other airlines operated.

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