Complaint: Customer Service AA4947 Cust. Rep Sonya Washington
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Angry AA4947 Cust. Rep Sonya Washington

AA texted me that #AA4947 had a delayed departure of 12:50pm. NO TEXT CAME ANNOUNCING EARLIER DEPARTURE TIME. I arrived at Gate F24 from my previously delayed flight at 12:30 to see jetway door closing - 20 MINUTES BEFORE SCHEDULED DEPARTURE. I knocked loudly, knowing the employee was just on the other side, and AA employee would not answer. Another AA employee entered jetway and informed her of my need to board. She ignored him. Plane door closed at 12:40 - TEN MINUTES EARLIER THAN 12:50 TEXTED DEPARTURE TIME! Next flight was canceled supposedly due to weather, but the weather was just rainy. I suspect that flight wasn't full. 9pm flight fully booked. Next flight was the following day on 18th. I HAD to get home that night due to commiAAtments. I rented a car at the total cost of $211.33. Submitted for refund of rental with supporting copies of receipts and AA texts. AA is refusing to reimburse my car rental and Customer Service rep. refuses to give me contact info to a superior who can overrule her denial. Many delayed flights that day. AA boarding employee could easily have allowed me to board. AA has a responsibility to send correct and up to date text messages.