Complaint: Frequent Flyer Program Flying Blue rip off: Bye bye
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Originally Posted by A320FAN View Post
Per the rules of flying Blue it would appear that yes you have to pay for any changes. You can try appealing to a supervisor or a manager or to the head of Air France to see if they are will to waive the fees, but they would be the once to make the decision.
Are you an Air France employee?

And no I do not have to pay for any change because I book a "Flex award" ticket that "can be modified free of charge":

Award ticket conditions

There are three kinds of award tickets: Promo [email protected], Classic Awards and Flex Awards. Each kind of award ticket has its own conditions for use:

Promo [email protected] Classic Awards Flex Awards Booking classes All All All 2 Changes No Yes, fee of EUR 45 1 Yes, free Cancellation No Yes, fee of EUR 45 1 Yes, free

1. Prices are in EUR per person
2. Flex Award tickets for Business and First Class seats are available only to Flying Blue Elite members.

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