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Default VIRGIN Australia airlines - Safety Shortcuts exposed

VIRGIN AUSTRALIA airlines have repeatedly demonstrated ‘Safety shortcuts’ to reduce their operational costs at the expense of ‘Passenger safety’ as well as non-profitable/losing Money every year in the last five years, hence, financially their days are Numbered…..

Recommend Avoid VIRGIN AUSTRALIA as they are extremely Behind in Quality Standards compared to other more COMPETITIVE airlines - as Virgin Australia are only interested in Quantity/Turnover where Clients are Only treated as another Number & have absolutely No interest in Quality nor your Repeat business…..
If you want to save yourself from much Heartache including Virgin Australia’s EXCESSIVE DELAYS – for your future Travels recommend you find an Airline whom actually treat you as a Person; are Quality driven in terms of customer service; and genuinely Care about their Clients return as a Repeat Customer…..

VIRGIN AUSTRALIA Airlines (including TERRY COOPER and RICHARD GEORGE) are in the Business of Unethical conduct; Deliberate deception & severely lacking in Integrity whom provides Inaccurate flight operations planning; Deceptive flight Delay causes; Distorted 3rd party details; Misrepresents external stakeholders staffing information & Misleads advice to their Clients… the airline industry an Untruthful image & brings Virgin Australia Airlines into Disrepute = which has already Resulted in Passengers changing their Loyalties to other airlines such as Qantas; Emirates; Qatar; Singapore.