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I planned my return trip to the Philippines to see family for the first time in 5 years. When booking I called Deltas customer support to ask if I was ok to fly or needed a US visa since I was flying from Canada on a Philippines passport as a Canadian permanent resident and was explicitly told "That is not a problem because the final destination is the Philippines". When I arrive at 4am for my flight i am told I cant check in because i don't have a transit visa and at this point the airport support acknowledge that I was told wrong information but nothing they can do and to call customer support. After talking with Delta support they told me they gave me correct information because "what we meant was Delta doesnt require a visa but we never technically said the govt wouldnt". This is the most infuriating response to hear in a situation like this but thankfully my boyfriend was able to book me with a different airline in 2 days so i can still see my family. Our hope was for just a refund or at least an airline credit that he could use since I cant travel with delta since through the USA. Even this is apparently impossible!! For $300 they will let me use this ticket within the next year however at the same time support acknowledged with visa problems I most likely cant use any of their flights because they will all fly through the USA. This is ridiculous.
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