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Default Easyjet Ruined Our Christmas

We had 10 flights booked with easyjet - all was going fine until Sunday 23rd December when the fog stopped flights from gatwick , well it did for EJ British Airways managed to do the same run albeit late.

My wife and step daughter arrived from Sofia to Gatwick to find thier flight to Edinburgh cancelled - we had delibertly paid an extra £20 to travel on a Sunday to save an overnight stay in London(this was not to be.I hate to say it folks but EJ literally spoiled christmas for us. There were seats on the 6.30am flights next day (xmas eve) still available but going fast.The EJ clerk told my wife that a directive had come down from management that they were not to transfer flights - customers would have to go online book & pay for tickets then reclaim the money from customer services -(I listened intently to every word) also that any hotel and taxi fares would be taken care of..My wife called me on the mobile and I spoke to the clerk too who advised me to do it straight away as flights on xmas eve were going fast.

Needless to say I did it all within 10 mins and the flights were booked.But if I had been there i would have created more fuss until someone told me what we were to do if A.we had no debit card B.we could not work internet C.we had no cash to pay for Hotel or taxi. EJ had helped in no way to secure safe accomodation for my family - thrusting a brochure in my wifes hand then her frantically calling me to find them a bed.

My wife eventualy got back 9am next day safe and well but traumatized by the experience. On calling customer services I was informed that they had no authority to refund my cash although sympathetic it had to be put in writing to their head office to be dealt with!

Result my step daughter is in the UK for the 1st time ever and EJ have in their coffers around £500 of family money that was specifically to be used in taking her around and enjoying xmas . I have only so far asked about their flight refund if it had just been the hotel and taxis we were out of pocket we could have lived with that. I do not know of any Family that can afford to be less £500 at this time of year - other travellers beware.

Any barrack room lawyers out there that can help us in this matter would be appreciated . Thanks EJ for spoiling 6 months of careful planning - our 4 remaining flights will be taken for financial reasons only we will have no more to do with you from then on in - you realy are a faceless airline .

thanks forum readers for listening to my tale of woe.