Complaint: Customer Service Rude flight attendant, flight 2298, 2/19/2010
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Default Continental Is Out of Control

I also observed unbelievable conduct by a Continental Airlines FA. On boarding and throughout the flight, the sole FA demonstrated unusual and hostile behaviour through her tone and affect. It was noticeable to all and comments were heard throughout the cabin. On approch to Houston, the FA made the usual announcements to include the requirement that seatbacks must be upright. After the 3rd repeat, one passenger turned around and asked her what she was talking about and at that moment, she marched forward and struck the back of a young girls seat so hard that I imagined that she was seriously injured. The girl was shocked but did not cry. upon disembarcation, the pilot an d copilot called the girl aside and began to threaten her immediatly telling her he could ban her from flying for her conduct. I interjected as did one other passenger and gave a fulll accounting of the conduct as I was directly across and behind the girl that was mistreated. The girl, her companion and I were escorted into the terminal and met by an airlines representative who took no action and took no responsibility. They only asked the girl if she wanted to file a police report and she did not as she only wanted to get away from these ]people as fast as possible. I wrote to Continental and got no response.

This was incredible to observe and I no longer fly with them although my wife had to book with them for emergency medical treatment and her experience was also negative. This is not a good airline and I hope that consumers quit using them.