Complaint: In-flight Issue Medical Emergency
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Default Medical Emergency

American Airlines: Monday Feb 9, 2015 AA Flight #1698 5 Hour Trip
Leave: San Juan PR going to Dallas Fort/Worth

One hour into flight there was a medical emergency with a request for a doctor on board given over the planes intercom system. There was not an apparent doctor on board, flight attendants offered oxygen from canisters. Flight should have been diverted to closest Florida airport but instead flew on to Dallas for 4 additional hours. Upon arrival an announcement was made for all passengers to remain in their seats until EM's came on board to remove the passenger, then a new announcement asked all passengers to deplane quickly. When asked why plane was not diverted, a flight attendant remarked that American Airlines did not divert aircraft. When asked if the passenger survived no comment was made by the flight crew. Think of this incident the next time you and love ones schedule a flight, I for one will not be flying American again after eye witnessing how they handled the emergency. Anyone requesting additional information on this event can reach me at [email protected]

A now former American Airlines frequent flyer