Complaint: Customer Service Lost and Found Process is Ridiculous
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Default Lost and Found Process is Ridiculous

After multiple delays and getting moved around on my flight connections, I finally arrived in Cleveland on January 17 on flight AA1607 at approximately 10:30 p.m. Through all of the stress trying to get home I realized the next morning that I had left my I-Pad in the back seat pocket. I tried calling hoping they would maybe be on the lookout for it and just got their voice response system advising me that I had to file a lost and found form online. Well, that would have been real easy if I had my I-Pad. Still unable to get through to speak to anyone, I was finally able to borrow a computer that morning to file a lost and found report. This was on January 18 and I have heard nothing. I was in row 23 towards the back so it's unlikely everyone behind me was a dishonest thief. Since this was the last flight for this aircraft that night, there was certainly a cleaning crew before the next day boarding. I am just sick over this loss. My son is in the military and I fly quite frequently to visit him and his family and always use AA because I have their advantage card program and it helps pay for my air fare. I have had more flights delayed, cancelled then I have had on time and this is just another thorn in my side with AA. What ever you do, don't leave anything of value on the aircraft because there will be no one to help you get it back; just a hopeless form to fill out. They say they will keep you informed and that is also hopeless. Once I use up my miles, I will be switching airlines and closing my advantage account.