Complaint: Reservations Ticket Price Changed During Checkout
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Default Ticket Price Changed During Checkout

Last week I was purchasing tickets on Southwest's website. I reached the final step in the process to confirm my purchase and the system sent me back to the previous screen to tell me there was incorrect information but offered me no way to correct it. I was also using Luv vouchers I had received from a flight that was canceled the previous month and the voucher value was gone as if my transaction had been processed.

I had to contact Southwest customer service via phone to receive assistance with the issues. After a relatively short 20-minute wait, I spoke to an agent who informed me that she could help me sort out the issue, but that the ticket price had nearly doubled in the 30 minutes since I had attempted my original purchase.

Fortunately, I had a screenshot of the checkout screen from my initial transaction and was able to present that to Southwest thinking that they would honor the original purchase price in good faith. Instead, I received an email with an offer of a $150 voucher.

As if it wasn't stressful enough that this flight was for me to go see my oncologist for a diagnostic appointment, now I'm also out $800.00 and Southwest has left me with no avenue for further recourse. Can someone please help me?