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This past Labor Day Monday I arrived at O'Hare Airport with a friend for our flight back to Tucson. I was informed that I had booked a return flight for Sunday - not Monday - and had missed my flight. I explained that I had intended to book a return flight for Monday not Sunday and that it was an honest mistake. The AA supervisor would not "override" my 2 tickets... I was forced to buy 2 full price tickets to fly back to Tucson, costing me nearly $800. My original roundtrip tickets cost me around $215 each. I was not given the opportunity to pay a $100 penalty or to pay the difference in price of the ticket - my only option was to buy 2 new full price tickets. Clearly I made a mistake when I booked the flight for Sunday instead of Monday - but the flight to Tucson on Monday was not even full. I understand paying a fine but it was bad customer service to make me buy 2 new full price tickets for missing my flight by one day.
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