Complaint: In-flight Issue US Airways Unfair and Cheap
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Default US Airways Unfair and Cheap

I paid for a first-class ticket that cost me $1,199.00 for air travel on August 1, 2010. This was my first ever first-class experience. My destination was to Buffalo, New York from Los Angeles, California. I encountered trouble on my connecting flight from Charlotte to Buffalo, New York. To my surprise, when I arrived in Charlotte, my connecting flight was cancelled. I had a wait of 3 hours before they booked me on another flight, AND THAT WAS IN COACH.

I purchased the expensive first-class ticket because I had a recent injury with my right leg, so I needed the extra foot space to fly comfortably to my destination. When I learned of my cancelled flight, I pleaded with approximately seven people to seat me in first class, since this is what I purchased. Each plea fell upon death ears. I let each person know of my leg injury, and yet I was told over and over that I had to fly in coach. I was still trying to get my first class seat when they were boarding the plane. When I told the flight attendant what had happened, she simply gave me a 1 800 number to call and get a refund. Instead of trying to put me on a flight with a first-class seat, I was only given one option—to fly in coach.

This flight took approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes. I was very uncomfortable and suffered greatly with my leg while flying and all the while I was home on vacation, due to the limited foot space that was forced upon me.

I wrote the airlines and explained what had happened, and the airlines insisted that they would refund me a difference between a first-class seat and coach. In one exchange with the airlines, they said they would refund me air travel credit. I told them I wanted the full refund of one first-class seat; exactly of what I was deprived. I was forced to fly coach, and I surely should not have had to pay for something I did not purchase. Since I paid $1,199.00, I figured one seat should be valued at $299.00.

The airline refunded me a meager $52.69. They kept insisting on refunding me the DIFFERENCE between a coach and first-class seat. This is because they knew they would only have to refund me pennies. They held me responsible for their error. I am highly insulted and feel that I have been treated unjustly. Not only did they deprive me of my comfortable seating I paid for, they also caused me great discomfort during my vacation and lost hours.

No customer should be treated in such a fashion. I felt like a piece of trash that was totally disguarded. I feel that US Airways is not only unjust in their dealings but also unscrupulous. They should be held accountable for the punishment they afflicted upon me.

They make absurd amounts of money and only want to refund pennies when they are at fought.