Complaint: Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked These Air Canada's desk attendants should be fired!
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Default These Air Canada's desk attendants should be fired!

Have you ever gone to an airport with an early morning arrival at the airport, 6am and never leaving the ground on a clear beautiful day?????
Our Air Canada flight was to leave around 8am, July 24th, 2012 and was told that it was going to be delayed due to a mechanical problem... OK, we thought, maybe a toilet plugged up or a seat was broken, you know the usual stuff as the desk attendants could not tell us what the issue was. Well, now it is 10 am and the attendants told us that the mechanical problem should be fixed in 45 minutes or so. Ok again we thought, it must be a really plugged toilet or something. Since it was now getting close to lunch, Air Canada decided to give us all a $10 lunch voucher. Of course we spent it all at the expensive food counters there but now it was noon hour and still no word about our flight, so I asked the girls at the desk what the heck was going on. They told us that they did not know what the issue was or when the flight would leave. Since we were only travelling for two days and now one day was almost lost due to this delay, we went to another Air Canada counter to try to catch another flight out of Orlando to Toronto. Of course it was too late to catch any afternoon flight so we decided to call Air Canada to see if they could help us out. The phone attendants were great and they told us that our delayed aircraft had a main door problem and that this flight was probably going to be cancelled. Well of course we hit the roof as how could a phone attendant know something more about our delayed flight than the desk attendants that were no further than 100 feet from the affected aircraft?
We believe the desk attendants did not want to tell us about this major mechanical problem because then everyone would want to re book to another flight and that would mean lots of work for them. As it was, they just sat around and chatted with the cabin crew of this DEAD flight.
The phone attendant booked us on the 8pm flight for the same day but as we kept waiting around the airport to get off the ground, Air Canada then delayed this flight to around 10pm. Our heads were getting sore from hitting the roof again. Now we would have to miss the car rental because they will be closed before we arrive and we also would have to book a hotel room in Toronto when this was not our final destination. Holy cow, what does it take to get a flight on time from them. No only were we greatly affected at an extra cost of $500 to fly with West Jet that did arrive and leave on time the next day but others missed their connections to other destinations. All of this mess and extra costs to all of us could have been avoided if Air Canada's desk attendants had been honest with us from the start and we all would have most likely completed our trips with a slight delay. Thanks Air Canada for allowing us to hang out in an airport for 12 hours, cost us $500 more by booking with another airliner at a premium cost and having to rearrange all of our business schedules and meetings.

Never again will we fly Air Canada because they truly do not put the customer first. OH by the way, our original flight was cancelled and never left the ground. I wonder how many passengers sat around waiting for the final news to either go home or find another flight.