Complaint: Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Worst experience on a cancelled flight
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Angry Worst experience on a cancelled flight

I recently was flying form SAN to EWR via PHX on November 9th on flight 632.
When I got to the gate at SAN, they announced that the flight was cancelled due to the inbound flight not able to land do to fog.. mind you that: United, British Airways, and Delta were able to land for their respective outbound flights ..

Since it was the last flight out, the US airways agent announce that there is a 1-888 to call and that the earliest flights out would be tomorrow. People were fully aware that United and Delta was still flying that night.

I called and the attendant offered me on a Delta flight to ATL, but that I had to do the exchange at the airport. I went to the gate agent and they said to go to check -in.

I went to check-in and the agents stuffed the same card they gave me at the gate and refused to attend to me, after I already called and was following instructions from their own folks.

I was very upset, and called the 1-888 # again and got an agent .. she told me the same, i went back to the check in desk, just to be refused again! The attendant refused to take my call. I asked for a supervisor or manager and she said that they were busy. Neatness to say I missed the Delta flight and also my tournament event on Saturday.

I wrote to Us airways .. and their response made be vomit:

"Thank you for writing to US. I'm sorry your flight from San Diego was canceled.

I’m sorry your flight to Phoenix was canceled due to weather. Weather can often cause increased airport traffic congestion, which decreases the number of safe take-offs and landings allowed. This can cause backups on the runway for the remainder of the day. This type of situation can lead to our decision to cancel a flight so that we can begin the process of re-accommodating passengers on another flight, rather than hoping for a later take–off time.

I realize it was disappointing for you. Since this was not a situation that we could have prevented, I will be unable to offer you compensation, but I’m again sorry for the inconvenience it caused you.

Based on what you’ve said, it appears our agents didn’t handle the situation with the quality customer care we expect. I apologize and understand your frustration. I’ve shared your feedback with our leadership team in San Diego to help improve our service and ensure this doesn’t happen again.

I understand the way you are treated can affect your impression of our airline. Based on what you’ve said, it appears our employee’s response and actions didn’t reflect the friendly and professional service we expect as a company. I’m sorry you were disappointed with this interaction.

Mr. XXXXX, feedback such as yours affords us the opportunity to learn where and how we can improve our service not only to meet our customers’ expectations, but to exceed those expectations. Given the privilege of serving you again on US Airways, we look forward to providing you with a more satisfying travel experience.


Erik May
Representative, Customer Relations
US Airways Corporate Office"