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On a journey from Paris to Peru, Mexico and return my baggage was lost. Air France advised me that the luggage would arrive the next day throughout the entire journey, but despite daily calls and daily promises, my luggage was not eventually returned until a week after my return to the UK.

Due to the daily promises by Air France, I never purchased the number of items which now with hindsight I needed to help alleviate the inconvenience of not having clothes and toiletries for my whole trip. There was the purchase of necessary items, including toiletries, I used hotel laundry services and bought replacement under garments.

To add insult to injury, the lock on my bag was forced open and broken, the bag was ripped and contents stolen. Loss of items from my luggage included travel money, jeans, aftershave and Polo shirts. My bag was a gift from my brother, who purchased it while at the USA Grand Prix in Houston and it was returned ripped and the lock broken. Furthermore, I have claimed for daily telephone calls made to Air France.

This was a once in a life time holiday and through no fault of my own I had no luggage for the entire duration of the holiday, I understand that Air France cannot be held responsible for the other costs of my holiday but they should reimburse me for the items stolen and the extra costs I incurred while away.

I feel they have been giving me the run around since I raised my complaint in June 2018, citing “exceptional events which have considerably increased the volumes of correspondence we receive” and “Due to exceptional circumstances Air France is experiencing a very high volume of claims at the moment”