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Originally Posted by NewJerseyDevils View Post
Jersey Devils helpful hints when someone puts the seat all the way back:
1. kick the back of the seat throughout the flight.
2. push the tv screen.
3. Close the shade and when it's light open it up.
4. when getting up put your hand on their head rest to help you up.
5. Keep snapping the pocket.

These handy helpful hints work much better when the person is sleeping.
As for the other issues I would write a letter to Delta.
LOL, yes, those are good tips, but then the person would probably complain. And, technically, they are allowed to put the seat all the way back but you're not allowed to do that to them. However, #2 and #4 are good tips; they can't really complain about those!

P.S. I live in New Jersey!!
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