Complaint: Customer Service Poor and illegal service from Royal Air Maroc
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Default Poor and illegal service from Royal Air Maroc

A year ago, I flew from Casablanca to Naples. When I arrived at the Naples airport for the return trip, I found that the flight had been cancelled. There was no representative for Royal Air Maroc in the airport. When the information desk finally got through to RAM, they were told that the flight had been postponed for two days. I had not been advised of any of this in advance. RAM offered no help in finding me another hotel, etc. Obviously, they did not follow the laws and rules for airline service in the European Union. Back in Morocco, I wrote a letter of complaint to them, to which they replied with an offer of a reimbursement, which I accepted and sent them my bank information. It has been nearly a year now, and there is no sign of the reimbursement. When one calls their call center, they say that there is no telephone communication with their finance department. They assure me that the reimbursement has been approved and will be paid. In fact, they offer only falsehoods and lies. They are thieves and liars; their service is appalling. I advise everyone to use other airlines for international travel to and from Morocco; within the country, I advise using trains and buses instead.