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1 - You agree to a certain extent that you should read everything before buying a ticket online? To what extent is that? You should read everything as you don't want to get caught into paying for something you don't want. Many travel sites such as Orbitz (my personal fav) and Expedia offer rental cars, hotels, shows, etc, when you only want to book a flight. And most websites (airline and travel sites) offer booking fees. Hell some airlines will charge you to book a ticket by phone... to go further, some will charge you to SPEAK to a real person. You seem shocked and appalled by this. It's nothing new.

2 - And this is a doozy, but you left yourself open to it. You arrived 30 minutes before departure, in a one horse (or one flight) airport and you were surprised there was no one there when you arrived? It would seem as soon as cut off hit, those employees who were working the counter went to work the gate, quite common practice in small airports. And even if the plane is RIGHT there, you were late, so now it's Allegiance fault? The cut off time isn't anything new. So it's their fault for following the rule that EVERY airline follows? Come on! And that plane is allowed to roll away ten minutes before departure, due to the fact that everyone who arrived on time, was checked in and ready to go. It happens with every airline. (at least those that I have flown)

3 - the manager came from behind a mystery door? was the door not there before? Oh yea you were watching your plane leave without you...

4 - Hey you wanna know why Southwest was there when you arrived at the airport? Hmmmm just a guess, but I think they have more than one flight and will always be there until the last flight is gone? and had you arrived 30 minutes prior (like you said you did... thought I take that with a grain of salt) I am sure, that if they had only one flight they would be long gone.

Except some responsibility in this, you were ultimately late for your flight, one flight a day or not, you were late. Sorry but you can't blame someone else for your own actions. True if it's only one flight going out of this small airport, 2 hours is a bit much, but had you given yourself the time to get to the airport, get checked in, and get through security, you'd be in Vegas with no issues. Accept what you've done and move on.
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