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Ok I went to Allegiants website, and if you pay attention you can opt out of those extras they charge for such as hotels, shows, and rental cars... that almost every other travel website does. I don't care that you're making this about allegiants, it's common. So it's not a scam or anything scrupulous. It's not your way of doing business, but it seems those that are in the business do it this way.

In no way shape or form did I say we were not to blame for arriving with "only" 30 minutes
Actually that was the point I was making, that you DID NOT take any responsibility for your actions. Cut off is 30 minutes but rather than accept responsibilty for being late, you argue with the agent as if they were wrong for leaving you behind. The plan holds 100 passengers (I checked) and I would agree the 2 hour rule stands and that you have to be checked in 30 minutes prior. They did not ignore paying customers, the paying customers should have been more aware of the time, well you got a pretty good lesson as your plane went bye-bye and you watched it leave. Allegient did their part, they served their customers who showed up on time. Now let's say the cut off time was 45 minutes. YOUR STILL LATE!! You arrived 30 minutes prior, as per your complaint. So that would mean they GAVE you an extra 15 minutes to show up and you STILL didn't make it on time. So again who was wrong??

If the manager was a coward and had no guts, means she would have stayed behind her magic door until you guys were gone. Instead she came out to face you. It's not a fight or a competition, she has nothing to lose, you were in the wrong not her. Doesn't matter if the plane was there or not, you guys were late plain and simple.

Oh and you did name their competitor that accomodated you, you said Southwest lol as per your own statement:

Immediately we got on the phone to Southwest Airlines...reserved six seats on the next flight out of Sacramento
And the person you called at Southwest... They didn't go out of their way to assist you, they were doing their job, that's what reservations are supposed to do!!! (Is this guy serious??) Yes you can call reservation, can get seats held, and then pay for seats at the airport. You don't have to give a credit card over the phone; sometimes people are in a public place and don't wanna give this info out, sometimes people don't have credit cards. If I need to make a quick trip to Boston or DC, I call United or Continental and book my trip over the phone and pay for it at the airport. The southwest reservation wasn't doing you any favors, it's what they always do.

Whether or not Allegiant's Business model works, is besides the point; you screwed up: You arrived late and expect them to accomodate you and when they did not, they were wrong. Sorry but you were clearly in the wrong. Accept that you were late and move on.
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