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Herein lies the problem...the website is not consistent with the email confirmation that we had PRINTED out and in hand at the airport.

This is a cut and paste from my confirmation email:

<Check-in: Please check-in at the ALLEGIANT AIR ticket
counter. Customers must check in 2 hours prior to departure, be in the
gate area 30 minutes prior to departure to avoid forfeiting their
reservation and all associated amenities.>

Nowhere does it say that the counter closes 45 minutes prior to departure. What I suspect that has happened is that perhaps Allegiant changed their policy at some point after we booked our flight MONTHS ago...and neglected to inform us? Is that our fault too? Should we have to play the decipher what Allegiant really means...and semantics game?

Don't think so. Allegiant, get your act together. I am making it perfectly clear that I am 100% disatisfied with the way you operate.

Originally Posted by PHXFlyer View Post
From the Allegiant Air website

You were late. Plain and simple. The reason Allegiant is able to offer low fares is that they keep costs down. Those costs include labor. As was mentioned up-thread even major airlines have cross-utilized agents at smaller airports. They run the ticket counter and then close the counter and move to the gate to act as the boarding agent. It's just the way they do things and it's made perfectly clear on their website.
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