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When it comes to non-refundable fares one must always realize they are, in effect, putting the amount of money paid on a dice table. Maybe you'll win. Maybe you'll "crap out." Just like the gambling casino the odds almost always favor the house or, in this case, the airline. All it takes is your breach of ONE rule, in rules applying to your fare, for your airline to be able to say GOTCHA, you lose! Unless, of course, you feel those worthless vouchers the airlines hand-out are, really, worth something (when they’re even offered.) Deep discounters, like Alligent and Spirit, are very quick to play the “gotcha” game. When one considers the many rules to be complied with it's obvious the airlines have stacked the deck in their favor. Make enough rules and you'll have a situation where you can nail just about anyone. On several occasions, when I've dared to use a non-refundable fare, I've traveled to the airport the night before and stayed at an airport hotel just to avoid the problem of late check-in. Even then a hotel catering to flight attendants can sabatoge your best laid plans as these hotels allow flight attendants on their van ahead of everyone else. Ultimately going for the big bucks and buying a fully refundable ticket can protect you against what is a significantly unreliable, and borderline dishonest, (domestic) air transport system.
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