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Originally Posted by DNM95377 View Post
Allegiant somehow has a "policy" that they CLOSE their check-in/ticket counter 30 minutes prior to flight departure....or is that 45 minutes prior (get your story straight Allegiant
Your the one that needs to get the story straight. I went through the booking process, and in the information provided (which must be where you got those times from) it says:

You must check in at the ticket counter or online at least 45 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time; if you do not, your reservation for that segment is subject to cancellation.

Sorry, but they clearly state that checkin closes 45 minutes prior to departure. It doesn't matter the reason why. Yes, it may be that they are using the counter staff to then work the gate. But in a smaller airport, that is not uncommon for any airline. If they only have one flight at a time (or in this case only one all day) they are not going to have two sets of staff, one for the counter and one for the gate.

Again, the reason why is moot. It does not matter. What does matter is that the terms state (and in bold by the way on your printout) that checkin closes 45 minutes prior. You said yourself:

Originally Posted by DNM95377 View Post
So needless to say...we arrived at the TICKET COUNTER exactly 30 minutes prior to flight departure
this means you were 15 minutes too late to check in.

Originally Posted by DNM95377 View Post
especially when we have the paperwork from YOUR company in hand to show you stating 30 minutes)
Refer to the above. You need to read that again. Sorry, but this is another case of someone who wasn't paying attention, didn't read, etc, then instead of admitting they made the mistake, they want to blame the airline.
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