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Our family's tickets were changed (this is the second time in 2 yrs) against our will. And Once we could not make it for the changed schedule forced upon us they were forfeited (actually taken, robbed ) by Lufthansa. When we try to call them we always get the recording (no live person anymore) and it says "customer feedback" when we called the main reservation number and tried to explain our problem they connected us to the same "customer feedback" recording and no one gets back to us. When we insist on talking to live person not possible. So they screwed us up on our travel plans to have a summer vacations kids are home we all stare at each other and I am remembering Lufthansa everyday. And of course they robbed our almost $7000.
I never felt I could be robbed by a supposedly good named Airliner like Lufthansa used to be. I feel so mad. Already filed DOT BBB State agencies and I am contuning on filing whereever I could find and word of mouth I am talking about this continiously about these THIEVES. Shame on you Lufthansa
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Lufthansa, don't ignore your Customer Complaints. Reply NOW!