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My husband is 72, quite grown up. We agreed to meet where I left him. He was afraid if he left from that spot I would come, not find him and be alarmed. Moreover, he was sitting with 2 backpacks weighing 22 kilos and 2 empty dog cases. Not so easy for an elderly man to carry around the airport looking for an employee to help.

He did twice go to the only AF employee standing in front of him. She was checking passports and boarding passes as people entered the transit area. She told him she could not help him, that he had to go to the Customer Service area. He did go once with all the hand baggage but no one was there. So he went back, sat down again and continued waiting for me.

Yes, both of us had a big problem to find any AF employee, worse, to find one willing to help. It only took 1 phone call to resolve the problem.
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