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Words can not even describe how furious I am at the lack of care that United has had with my on in flight issue. I am not one who is easily offended, but this entire incident was beyond infuriating.

My husband and I were taking a flight from Chicago to Hong Kong and decided to sit apart. Me at the isle and him at the window. There was an older lady sitting between us who didn't speak any English, but did speak Cantonese, so I decided to help in assisting her in ordering her food, helping her with her tray table etc. When the flight attendants came down, I would just simply order her food/ drinks as well as my husband who was at the window as well as my own. Made things simple and easy.

Incident 1: As I am ordering drinks/ meal options for everyone, the flight attendant did a little bow, put his hands together and said "Oh you're like the submissive kind. What website can I buy someone like you from?" Maybe a joke, maybe not, but incredibly offensive. I was in shock and didn't say anything. Now I wish I did. Oh let me preface, I am a Chinese girl. So basically referring to mail order brides. This reference is incredibly rude, demeaning and very degrading.

Incident 2: Later on during the flight, my husband orders trail mix and hands over his credit card. I pass along the credit card and the same flight attendant sees the name on the card and it reads "John Smith". He puts two and two together and realizes that I am married to John Smith and says "Oh, I get it now",laughs a little and then makes a joke about the name. My husband was furious, and at this point, he has no idea what the flight attendant has already said to me. Maybe I should have reported it directly to the captain or at least said something to his face, but honestly I was so tired from the 13 plus hour flight that I didn't have the strength.

This all being said, maybe I am sensitive, maybe I am not, but the fact remains that no flight attendant, when your core job is customer service and making people feel welcome on a flight, should ever talk to a passenger this way. I am not your friend, I am someone who paid money to sit on a flight and get to my final destination without being harassed.

Right after, I filed a complain with customer care with United and of course I know it goes right into a cue with thousands of other complains, but NOBODY got back to me. AT ALL. Its as if they don't care. Why would they care about little old me? I am not one to take revenge on a situation, so I quietly went back and fourth with customer care on twitter, still without a resolution, apology, nothing. I also didn't mention I work in corporate communications and know the editors and news producers of every major network in America and could easily compile a story for the news, but to my better judgement, wanted to let United handle it first. Seems they don't wish to take that route.

What are your thoughts and opinions on this matter?
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United Airlines, don't ignore your Customer Complaints. Reply NOW!