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I just made reservations to fly to London next summer. I paid almost double to get "Premium Economy" class seats with a little extra legroom for my wife and I. A LOT of money. Then when I went to select seats I had to pay $60 each seat each way to select a seat! That was an extra $240!! They did note, however, that I did not have to pay that - I could wait until 24 hours before the flight when I got my boarding pass and get a "free seat". It just happens that I would like to sit next to my wife, so I coughed up the money. They should tell consumers what the seat is really going to cost when they are deciding to buy the ticket! (Yes - they give you 48 hours to cancel it, but I have no idea how much the regular ticket really is anyway, once you "buy" your seat assignment. Just charge for the damned seat without misrepresenting it!!! I will look more closely at other airlines in the future.
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