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We are a family group of 8 traveling together with Alitalia under record locators JZ5QZM and NN3VEA from Brazil to Egypt and Europe a long 14,667 miles trip.
Among many carriers, Alitalia was chosen because it's scheduled flights would allow us to spend 12 hours sightseeing in Rome on our way to Egypt. We've trusted Alitalia and organized a day sightseeing in Rome for may 2nd.
Since we bought the tickets in nov/2012, there have been a series of changes in Alitalia's flights schedules and we have been able to adapt our plans to those changes.
Surprisingly, less than 40 days before our departure from Brazil may1st2012 - we received the announcement that flight AZ 894 at 21:50 on May02, from Rome to Cairo has been cancelled. Not because of force majeur , just for commercial interest.
Our Rome plans bacame impossible after the flight cancellation and our allocation in a flight departing at noon. It also means a 5 hours wait at FCO airport. It is not only very frustrating, we have incurred expenses as well.
There is an Egyptair flight with available seats scheduled to leave Rome at 6:30 pm the same day what would be a fair alternative. Alitalia callously denied any reallocation. Its answer was, either we leave at noon or refund what, of course doesn't take into account any other expenses already incurred.
This behavior also infringes Brazilian regulation.
Alitalia operates in Brazil under Brazilian civil aviation regulation. Resolution ANAC 141/2010 establishes that in case of a flight cancellation the carrier`s first obligation is to offer passengers to transfer them to the most immediate available flight to the same destination NO MATTER THE CARRIER and not conditioned to any operational agreement between carriers. This is a clear defiance to Brazilian authorities and to passengers rights. The tickets, sold in Brazil, are under by Brazilian regulation.
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