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There is no legitimate reason for this, but a very similar scenario happened to a colleague of mind travelling on Lufthansa from Munich. He had checked the airport website and the airline website and confirmed the flight was late, but was refused check-in because he had missed the check in time. He was initially told that this was because the airline might re-organise their schedule and at short notice bring the flight back forward. He pointed out that in this case the flight was still delayed and the only difference between him and the rest of the passengers was he was on the landside of the airport and they were on the airside of the airport. He was then told that the reason was he was in breach of the term and conditions of the ticket and that Lufthansa employees who have checked in the flight are now working on other flights and that they cannot keep the flight "open" for stragglers. These are pathetic excuses to not provide decent customer service. This is particularly the case because I think (although I may be wrong about this) that the ThomasCook/AirTransat flights to Canada are charter flights and cannot therefore be overbooked. This may be why they were unwilling to put them on another flight. The situation is further compounded by the fact that these were 15 year old vulnerable girls and this shows just how far the airlines utter lack of human compassion has gone. The girls made a mistake, but had a supervisor wanted to, they most certainly could have overridden the rules and helped them. They chose instead to use their power and even threaten them with security when they became distressed. They are children and the employees who acted this way are pathetic excuses for human beings.