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Three days ago I booked a flight on KLM for my son from Geneva to Sao Paolo.

I received an immediate confirmation including flight and seat numbers with a message that the ticket would be sent by Email within 24 hours.

When the ticket did not arrive my son called KLM and was told that the booking was cancelled because the payment was not made by my credir card company.

I immediately called the credit card company who confirmed that they had authorized the charge and even sent me a screen shot of the authoriztion.

I then called the airline who said that all the information on the booking had been cancelled and that I would have to make a new booking. There were two problems. the first that no more seats were available in the class that I had booked and if I wanted the same price my son would have to go a day earlier or later.

The second problem and for me the more annoying was that I would have to pay a $25 booking fee for not using the web.

I asked to speak to the supervisor and was told that he could not help and that I would have to fill in an online complaint form.

This I did and here is the reply that I got:

Please do not reply to this automated e-mail.


Thank you for your message.
The customer care department will study your request and will reply at the following address: deleted by me

For a better follow-up of your file, your request has been registered under the reference: 4590902001.
Please quote this number in any correspondence.

Unfortunately we are currently unable to respond to your request within our regular handling time due to the number of passenger messages resulting from the eruption of mount Eyjafjallajökull and the decision of the authorities to close the European airspace for a number of days. Please be informed that the reply to your message is therefore delayed. We offer you our sincere apologies for the inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

With kind regards,
AIR FRANCE KLM Customer Care

Sending such an automated message some six months after the closing of European airspace had ended indicates to me that nobody intends to read it

Needless to say I purchased a ticket (even at a higher cost) from another airline.

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