Complaint: Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Air France - three strikes and you're out (Air France Flight 3648)
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well a connecting flight doesnt necessarily mean it is cheaper than a direct flight, for example it would cost me more to fly from EWR (newark) to LHR (london heathrow) with connections than it would going directly, there are various airlines that are cheaper than the first connecting flight (connects in washington dc) so it depends on the route, time, type of ticket, so connecting flights arent cheaper (some of the airlines that were cheaper included Virgin Atlantic and British Airways) which i would rate higher than any of the US based airlines and higher than Air France.

I understand why you didn't and wouldnt want to take a connection, its alot more added stress, especially when your not familiar with the airport (charles de galle is a complete mess, and its almost necessary to know french to get around) It adds extra time to your journey, and it is not what you expected. As you said before that you dont know if it was Air France or Delta who caused this problem, but from my guessing is you booked with Air France and it was a codeshare flight with Delta, and since they seperated as you said, you were told that you were to be on the Air France plane as you booked with them (my guess), and since Air France dont do a direct flight to JFK from Athens than they made you go through their hub, Air France problem that they made you go through france? its just the route they make you take, there is nothing they could have done that way

Could they have been more helpful? definately, they could have provided better assistance, but if the flight with the Delta codeshare wasn't allowing you on than they probably gave you the best alternative, getting you to your final destination as close to the delta flight as possible

I believe that this may be a problem with Delta not with Air France however... and/or if you booked with expedia/travelocity or any travel agent than they should be the one's that should have provided assistance, and gone through them, they can usually figure something out to keep the group together